Chef De Cuisine:


  • More than 20 year experience in Southeast Asian Cuisine

  • Dedicating his experience and cooking passion, chef Kevin creates and customizes all recipes of Lei Kitchen's menu. The master chef captures the spirit and authentic flavors of Southeast Asia, then puts his own style on every dish.

  • Chef Kevin daily cooks and leads the kitchen.

Lei Kitchen,

a unique journey through the Far East.  

Flavors, aromas and dishes

blend in lemongrass, coconut, chiili,… 

blend in culture and spirit 

of the countries where they were from.

Japan to Korea, 

China to Thailand, 

Vietnam, and Singapore…

We hope you enjoy the adventure 

that nourishes not only the body, 

but also the mind and spirit.  

Thank you.


Lei Kitchen’s roots are planted in the cultures, cuisines of Southeast Asia and the love about cooking of the us, Kevin and Sheila. 

After 25 years of career and one year of building menu and creating receipe, in November 2018,  we  open Lei Kitchen on Saratoga Boulevard, Corpus Christi. The question was “How could we unify all amazing dishes from China, Vietnam, Thai, Korean… in one menu harmoniously?”. 

Lei Kitchen creates traditional Asian cuisine reinvented with a modern approach. We are commited to bring out the authentic tastes from natural quality ingredients by preparing from scratch as much as possiple.

Sheila & Kevin

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